Historical Peninsula or Suriçi with its other name; The Golden Horn is the name of Istanbul, which is surrounded by the Bosphorus and the Sea of ​​Marmara.

The first settlement in the Historic Peninsula is BC. It was founded in 685 by the Greeks from Megara under the name of Byzantion.

Throughout history, the city on the peninsula was called by different names and after being taken by the Turks, it was called Istanbul.

The area known as Suriçi is one of the first stops of domestic and foreign tourists coming to Istanbul. Numerous palaces, mosques, churches, fountains, obelisks and houses dating from Byzantine and Ottoman periods constitute the historical texture of this place.

Located between the places where you must see if you make your way to the historical peninsula,

Eminönü and Sirkeci environs, Topkapı Palace, Sultanahmet Mosque, Grand Bazaar and surroundings, Fatih, Edirnekapı, Topkapı, Yedikule you can make a long journey by visiting the important points of history.

It is not possible to visit the historical peninsula in a day and you may need to choose a nice holiday and accommodation point to travel to the endless historical texture.

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‘İstanbul is the most beautiful city on earth.’ -Anton von Prokesh